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understanding the essence of relevance on the market.

You cannot have a business unless either you are relevant or you have a product that is relevant. Underestimating that can seriously undermine or undo any business project.

When you speak about the “market” you’re really talking about all the potential that is out there for any business idea. That potential is always there and you can’t change it. What you can, however, change is how relevant you are. That’s the key.

For example, if you have feet, you have real, serious potential for a shoe company, but you won’t give them your money unless they can convince you that they or their products are relevant to you.

For your business, you just need to figure out what is relevant or meaningful for the market, how you can deliver value against that understanding, how that delivery can create value for you in return and how you can sustain it all over time.

Photo credit: Dominika Montonen-Koivisto

Blogpost by: James Monnat



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