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Sourcing Bespoke Solutions from Korea for enterprises in Europe

Since August 2021, Foundry Europe has been working with the Korean International Trade Association

(KITA) on an initiative to test Korean innovation in Europe. The basic premise of the call is to match innovative Korean scale-ups with the needs of a number of different companies in Europe - two leading European telecom providers, a champion football club, and one of the world’s largest beverage and brewing companies.

The process began with Foundry Europe aligning on a common set of needs and challenges that the companies are currently trying to address. These varied from ecological packaging solutions, innovative internet and communications systems, Virtual and Augmented reality, sports analysis systems to a whole host of other use cases. We worked closely with KITA to recruit relevant innovation providers and helped filter and match these with the European companies described above.

We have designed and coordinated light-touch trials with these European companies and they are currently testing the solutions relevant to them. These innovation providers include:

  • RAFIQ Cosmetics: transforming the waste produced in brewing into cosmetics

  • Fitogether: a sports and data analytics software suite

  • MOPIC Labs: a company that uses light-field technology to create 3D display solutions which aim to eliminate the need for glasses or headsets making VR more accessible and giving 2D video perceptible depth

  • Newto Inc: creators of lifesize Virtual Reality experiences using interactive video projection

  • Tag N Roll: providers of technology that allows users to switch between multiple video streams (live and recorded) that can be saved and recalled later

  • Visual Camp: innovative eye-tracking software that enables effortless interaction with multimedia content that can be used to create heat maps that allow content creators to optimise their content for maximum impact

  • Double Me: technology that enables anyone to create their own augmented reality experiences and brands to create bespoke metaverse experiences with added virtual-retail (v-tail) environments

  • DEEPX: Neural Processing Unit (NPU) technology ideal for the extremely powerful and efficient edge processing of data for processing complex data for Artificial Intelligence applications and Big Data

  • Hackle Co: a suite of services such as feature flags, A/B testing, funnel data analysis, and monitoring platforms for ongoing product testing

  • Sunny Wave: cutting edge technology that leverages existing communication protocols combined with surface wave technology to allow bi-directional transmissions across any metal surface for up to a kilometer of multiple applications including using surface waves to wirelessly power IoT devices

To find out more about our initiatives and calls for innovation click here.



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