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Foundry selected as the European Accelerator for K-Startup Program.

Foundry selected as the European Accelerator for South Korea’s inaugural K-Startup Global Fundraising Acceleration Program

The Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) has launched a completely new, unique program to support global expansion of Korean innovation by activating Investor Relations (IR) in view of matching scale-up stage startups with overseas investors.

We are pleased to announce that Foundry Europe has been selected as the European accelerator for this program, aside from another accelerator who will support the expansion in North-America.

Foundry Europe is representing its capabilities together with two key collaborators within the Foundry network: the market-scaling experts MasonBower and capital services specialists White Castle Partners. (Read more about these collaborators below).

Foundry’s global expansion program is designed to accelerate global fundraising for Korea’s top startups. However, this program is not just about investment brokering, but also about building strong and compelling stories of how their innovation and success in South Korea and abroad can translate into real growth in Europe.

The objective of this initial program is to showcase world-class Korean innovation to European investors and to materially increase the chances of funding for the selected startups. The ultimate goal is to clear a path of growth in 2021 for these Korean companies to expand and succeed in Europe.

James Monnat, CEO of Foundry Europe:

“The program will showcase Foundry Europe’s expertise and its mission to connect the most promising international technological innovations with Europe’s diverse and dynamic markets. With this program, we are particularly looking forward to strengthening the economic bridges between South Korea and Europe, and highlighting Luxembourg’s role as an attractive European platform for innovation in the process.”

KISED is currently in the process of recruiting the best-in-class startups and scale-ups for the program. From this deep pool of South Korea’s most promising startup candidates, Foundry will ultimately select 10 companies to form an elite group considered to have the best chance for commercial and financial success in Europe.

This ambitious program supported by KISED runs from late October and will conclude in January 2021. Foundry will continue to work individually with those companies that exhibit the strongest cases for European expansion.

Applications can be sent directly to KISED via this link. If you want to discuss in more detail about Foundry’s offering for this program, contact us.


Korea Institute of Startup and Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) is a public institution under South Korea’s Ministry of SME’s and Startups that, among various forms of support for aspiring startups, also provides support for South Korean businesses to expand globally.

Foundry Europe, launched Summer 2019 in Luxembourg, is an open-architecture acceleration platform that connects validated commercial projects with the resources needed to implement and grow in European markets using an open pool of investors, collaborators and public organizations.

Foundry drives a structured, hands-on set of programs using an open platform to connect resources from around Europe with the purpose of bringing commercially viable ideas to market. Through its platform, Foundry provides services to prepare and deploy across Europe through a network of resources.

Foundry Europe federates top expertise to effectively build and scale ventures by working in active collaboration with accelerators and investors, as well as directly with SMEs and corporates, to bring the most promising business ideas to market. (

MasonBower (MB) provides market guidance, product-market-fit & validation, as well as market entry strategy formulation and execution. The geographical scope of work is Europe where the MB team has fully developed the expertise to master the complexities

offered by the 2nd largest economic area in the world. Furthermore, MB has been called upon by its clients to go beyond the formulation and testing of

strategies and take the lead in their execution.

White Castle Partners (WCP)

WCP connects high-growth companies with their investment ecosystem, consisting of Family Offices, UHNWI, Super Business Angels and Institutional Investors. WCP is able to maintain a generalist approach across sectors and stages, with a targeted thematic focus.

WCP works with clients to carefully construct their portfolio of innovative projects based on their sector-specific interests, to fuel the growth of their existing business or to cultivate their financial investments. WCP tailors this approach to meet the needs and goals of each client, dovetailing their internal strengths and activities.

WCP’s flagship event is the annual VROOM Summit, the Principality of Monaco’s best known and most prominent investor event. WCP also offers monthly spotlight events in Monaco and Luxembourg, bringing together companies raising funds with small investor groups of select Family Offices, HNWIs, and Institutional Investors.



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