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building bridges between Luxembourg and Korean innovation.

As we explained in our last blog, we have been developing partnerships around the world over the past year, in order to build a network and support the launch of some of the most promising innovations for the European market.

One of the most interesting partnerships was confirmed earlier this year when we signed collaboration agreements with the Korean International Trade Association (KITA), which is the largest business association in South-Korea with over 70,000 member companies and has had a leading position in driving Korea’s trade globally for the past 7+ decades.

The collaboration between KITA and Foundry Europe has been agreed upon two aspects; to develop and support KITA’s Global Open Innovation program and, secondly, establishing a testbed environment in Europe to create an appealing platform where some of the latest technical innovations from Korea can be tested in a real-life setting. We are extremely excited about these projects and cannot wait to share more details with you!

However, there are more interesting aspects to this collaboration, which we’d like to talk about before getting into more details of the projects mentioned above.

KITA has, in fact, invited Foundry Europe to organize a country session dedicated to Luxembourg at the annual Open Innovation conference, NextRise, June 23-24 in Seoul, South Korea. NextRise is the largest such event in South Korea designed to connect top-notch players from around the global startup ecosystem.

More than 10,000 participants are expected to attend, networking with Global MNCs, VCs, Accelerators, Korean corporates and startups from all around the world.

Foundry Europe will work with the Luxembourg innovation scene to prepare a presentation for the online participants and, most importantly, Foundry have the chance to connect some of the most promising innovators from Luxembourg with potential South Korean partners and industry experts, by arranging 1:1 online meetings as part of the NextRise program.

For this opportunity, at Next Rise, we would like to invite Luxembourg-based businesses and innovators with global ambitions to apply for a possibility to meet with potential Korean high-tech partners, Top 30 largest Korean multinational corporations or Korean VC’s.

Please submit your application through this form by 10th May 2020 the latest.

We will choose businesses from the first round for a personal (remote) interview with Foundry Europe. The most promising innovators can apply for the official screening in Korea, out of which the most promising will be selected for the 1:1 meetings. Foundry Europe will coach and mentor the Luxembourg-based businesses selected for the meetings to prepare for the end of June.

We look forward to hearing from you!

— Soyeh Kim



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