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Foundry Europe getting ready...

When Foundry was initially launched back in June 2019, we explained our aim to build an ecosystem of business services that can support companies that have ambitious growth plans in Europe. Our core business has always been providing expert support for the full go-to-market process, from idea to deployment, and the implementation of our core activity creates opportunities for the local community in Luxembourg. Throughout the past year, we have been developing partnerships around the world in order to build a network and support the launch of some of the most promising innovations as we prepare their successful introduction on the European marketplace.

Since the beginning, Foundry’s core business has been centered on a straight-forward process which ensures that commercial initiatives will work: attract good ideas, validate them and secure the resources to implement them. This thinking is rooted in the expertise of MasonBower, the specialists who launched Foundry in the first place; a Luxembourg-based strategy company that works with large, international businesses to grow their markets across Europe. MasonBower know-how still resides at the core of the Foundry concept, but we have since expanded by developing a broad range of partnerships here and abroad to provide an ever-growing set of resources, support and expertise.

For the past year, we have been talking intensively with different players from our Luxembourg Ecosystem, as well as collaborators from outside of Europe. And we’ll soon be ready to announce some of the very latest developments!

But firstly we have now gone live with this new website that illustrates the story of Foundry’s roots in a compelling way. The core of the business related to providing support to companies from around the world with their market entry and growth, including programs, falls under Foundry Europe. Our local activity supporting the Luxembourg community with facilities, membership benefits and events, will remain under the Foundry Luxembourg channels.

We are about to launch some of our first acceleration programs very soon - so do stay tuned, more information is coming!

— James Monnat



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