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Co-developed acceleration program with Y&Archer launched.

Foundry Europe and Y&Archer have been actively collaborating during this spring in co-developing an acceleration program for Korean startups that are interested in expanding into European markets. “The Europe Entry Program” provides businesses active support and structure to launch their products or services in Europe.

Y&Archer scouts businesses in Korea and prepares the first steps in their expansion plans. The Foundry process sits at the core of the program, providing all needed support for businesses to evaluate market potential, value and opportunities - all the way through planning and deployment. The program is structured along progressive stages with defined scope and KPIs for successful completion.

Foundry will introduce the businesses to European experts and potential clients and guide the companies to take the steps necessary all the way through to market. 

The program has been officially launched at the beginning of June 2020 and Y&Archer is actively discussing new partnerships that could benefit the program. One of the first partners is FlagOne, a Seoul-based co-working space that belongs to the LG Group.

Foundry will continue to support the business development both in Europe and in Korea; Y&Archer will collaborate closely with Foundry Europe’s recently appointed Regional Director for Asia, Richard Hwang.

Y & Archer is an accelerator that prepares Korean businesses for global expansion. With business partners in their home country, as well as in China, the USA and Switzerland, Y&Archer aims to provide steady stepping stones for businesses to launch their global growth.



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