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Foundry hosting a strategy workshop day for South-Korean Y&Archer startups.

Yesterday we had a full house as a group of visitors from South Korea visited Foundry. The visit was organised by Y&Archer, a specialized accelerator company designed by Korea Ministry of SMEs and Startups. The delegation included representatives of KEITI (Korea’s Environmental Industry & Technology Institute), two startups from the cleantech sector and one from the healthtech/medtech sector. Foundry’s CEO and Founder James Monnat and the Board Members Jean-Marc Fandel and Patrizia Luchetta presented Foundry during the day.

Foundry’s Board Member Jean-Marc Fandel kicked off the day with an inspiring speech about Luxembourg acting as the gateway to Europe. The Korean visitors also had a chance to listen to expert speeches by MasonBower on topics ranging from the importance of market research to the European market and strategic processes. The Korean delegation was also given an introduction to the Luxembourg ecosystem by representatives of the Ministry of the economy, of Luxinnovation and of the House of Startups. Individual workshops organized in the afternoon offered the opportunity of more detailed and personalized discussion.



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