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If you are interested in being considered for participating in this call, please provide the following information before the deadline.

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Call for Innovative Solutions: Smart Building Management 

Tomorrow Street (Vodafone’s global scaleup accelerator) is seeking smart building solutions that can optimise the management of Vodafone’s offices and facilities in the post-Covid era. Areas of interest include occupancy tracking, space utilisation, air quality, noise analytics, and any other measurable factors in the physical environment that impact on productivity and well-being. Applicants should have highly scalable solutions that could be integrated into a property/facility management platform and accelerate digital transformation. 


Application deadline: 30 April 2021
Selection: 01 - 14 May 2021
Test duration: est. 6-8 weeks
Stage of business: Commercially-ready solutions with the resources and capabilities to scale (TRL 9)
Anticipated outcome: Evaluation and potential proof of concept with one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies with the possibility for commercial deployment in Europe.

Please upload an English version of your pitch deck. 

(If you do not have a pitch deck, please use the following: Foundry Europe Discovery Form. Once filled, return here to re-upload it )

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