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partnership with Fintech Center Korea: growth opportunities for Fintech innovations.

We are delighted to announce another partnership agreed this year with Fintech Center Korea, one of Korean most prominent Fintech organizations: MasonBower, the mother company of Foundry Europe, was selected as a channel partner for Fintech Overseas Expansion consulting program hosted by Fintech Center Korea this February to support Korean Fintech companies in their global expansion. The services to be provided for the Korean businesses are supporting the European Market entry in the lines of the Foundry Europe’s core process and resources.

We have now been asked to attend the upcoming Korea Fintech Week at the end of May 2020, as the European Channel Partner of Fintech Center Korea.

This is a unique opportunity for Fintech companies to promote their latest services and products to leading Korean companies and identify possible business partners and meet key players within the Korean Fintech scene.

The upcoming event is hosted by the Financial Services Commission, South Korea’s government's top financial regulator and is Organized by Fintech Center Korea. The Korea Fintech Week is attended by most financial institutions in Korea and can be regarded as the largest financial-related event hosted by the government. A large variety of banks as well as the public bank owned by the Korean government; asset securities and asset management corporations, credit card companies, insurance companies, and credit rating agencies will all participate in this event. Many of the domestic/global Fintech companies, governmental officials and VC/AC accelerators in South Korea will pay close attention to this event.

As partners with Fintech Center Korea, we have the opportunity to invite Luxembourg-based Fintech businesses and innovations to participate at this event. Therefore, we are pleased to announce this call for applications as of today, April 30th, 2020. Applications are to be sent by Wednesday 6th of May.

For this year’s theme “Fintech for Open Innovation”, the Korea Fintech Week welcomes the industry’s top businesses and innovations to take part. The online exhibition will be prerecorded and composed of seminars, exhibitions, and other events on the website, which will feature around 150 companies in Startup, Scale, Fintech, Banks, Global, Regulators and Industry Zones and key players. In 2020, blockchain and cryptocurrency (including bitcoin) related innovations are to be excluded.

Embassies, Fintech associations, Paypal, AWS and other global fintech related companies are confirmed and will join the Global Zone. Foundry Europe and MasonBower will have an online booth for introducing Luxembourg as the gateway to European market entry and present our acceleration support for Fintech companies who are planning European market expansion.

Korea Fintech Week was first held in 2019. This year, due to Covid-19, it was decided to proceed with changing exhibitions online without cancellation. Due to this situation, the call for applications is unusually short, but we know there is a lot of Fintech expertise in Luxembourg so we are confident that we can find the most promising and ambitious innovations to take part in the unique opportunity!!



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