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Luxembourg is the connecting point in continental Europe, with a strong Ecosystem and Government to support new innovations. This is also the home of Foundry Europe - the perfect location to be eyeing on all of the European markets and build networks within.


Luxembourg may be small but the central location and its dynamism offer a compelling perspective to Europe. Luxembourg is one of the most multicultural countries in the World where the whole Europe (and beyond) is strongly represented, in all its variety of cultures and languages. In addition, the working population is highly educated and speaks in average 3.5 languages. The government strongly drives innovation in the country and has launched many initiatives to support growth within the country and beyond.

So whether you're looking to launch your innovation in Germany, France or Italy - you may still operate towards these countries based in Luxembourg, we have the right staff - and government support - to do so.

Establishing operations in Luxembourg has been made attractive and relatively smooth for foreign businesses to get set up. This is also why the country is hosting European headquarters also for some of the largest global companies, such as Amazon, Paypal, and AliPay, along with a large variety of financial institutions.


For all the above mentioned reasons, Luxembourg can also serve as the perfect location to test your innovation in European markets - which ever country in Europe you have in scope, the target group of end consumers can most likely be found just as well in Luxembourg.

Foundry Europe offers strategic support for businesses and innovations based in Luxembourg and continental Europe, that wish to explore new market areas. Read more here or contact to discuss your objectives with us.


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