Foundry, launched in June 2019, has evolved into an established and appreciated hub in the Luxembourg business community. Foundry has been developed by our core partner MasonBower, consulting company for market entry strategies, to offer rigorous acceleration programs and partner networks for innovations that want to grow to new markets.
The name Foundry pays respect to the roots of Luxembourg within steel industry, which has connected the country to the rest of the world. And within the same lines, the concept of Foundry Europe is designed to ensure success for some of the most brilliant innovations; prepare them for growth and connect to the world.

Together with our partners, we develop bespoke acceleration programs to bring the most interesting innovations to new markets. We have developed our partnerships in and outside of Luxembourg to serve the core process of Foundry, which is to support businesses in their market growth.

Our partners are comprised of accelerators both within and outside of Europe, as well as business collaborators in and outside the Luxembourg Ecosystem.

business growth acceleration


Our expertise lies in the acceleration programs that give businesses confidence and tools for a smart market entry.
Together with our partners, we can offer a range of services from GTM strategies, testing environments, planning and deployment - even access to fundraising - all crucial phases that allow businesses to scale into new markets.


Whether as an SME, enterprise business, accelerator or investor, our programs provide clear and concrete benefits for all. Read more by clicking below to our programs.

community & venue


The brand of Foundry is also connected to an established business hub and venue in Luxembourg. This is the place where good business ideas get real and innovative people get connected.

Situated in the heart of the capital of Luxembourg, the venue hosts offices for innovation startups, facilitates events 
 opens its doors to the local community to organise workshops and meetings.